backyard bbq (or, the weather outside is weather)

The small town that we live in is almost 600 metres elevated, and so we get a little more winter than others living around Melbourne. For the most part, this is exactly to our taste, and part of the reason we moved there. However, following a series of below zero temperature mornings, we welcomed a sunny-ish Saturday and made the effort to boost its warmth by lighting a fire.

And let’s face it, by having a little red wine.mixed meats

The fire-pit in our backyard gives us much joy. In the Australian tradition, it has been constructed from various bits and pieces that were not designed for that purpose. Ours for example, is a fine combination of brake drum, metal pipe and something that looks exactly like a grill plate, works like a grill plate (now smells like a grill plate) but isn’t! Gian Carlo forged it for us and we try to pay our respects to it regularly.

meat prepSo on this darling of a day, a quick trip to the local butcher yielded some excellent meats of the aquatic, feathered and land-based variety. We planned to do the simplest of bbq-ing and let the meat speak for itself. Pork ribs, eye fillet and tuna were grilled straight up.

I’m hoping the photographs do the talking here, because really, there isn’t much to say. Simplicity itself. There is just something about meat cooked on a bbq isn’t there? Of course, we didn’t manage to keep it entirely simple and ended up making a few ‘side dishes’, but more on that another time.

tuna, quick grilled and meltingly pink

tuna, quick grilled and meltingly pink


14 thoughts on “backyard bbq (or, the weather outside is weather)

  1. Very entertaining piece. Sorry about the weather you have down there – but it does lead to some great cooking and mouth watering food – yummm
    No trouble from bush rats in the trees though – to entertain you like when little huh?

  2. I think I just melted. Nothing better than char-grilled meat, whether it be cow, pig, sheep or a grilled tuna steak. Love the fact that you’ve converted a brake drum. A friend of ours has converted an old oil drum for the same purpose, but didn’t really burn off the paint and residual oil prior to using it for the first time. I felt like I needed a gas mask (the hazards of letting Aussies do a bit of DIY in the backyard!!!!). Luckily he listened to me when I suggested that MDF shouldn’t be used as BBQ fuel…

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