not kasoundi


We have a certain number of cookbooks. Its more than we use, and yet of course not enough. However, the cook books we’ve been buying lately lean strongly towards the good life. That is, a hefty proportion of our shelves are devoted to preserving. Our book shelf looks like it comes straight from nineteen-diggity-six.

The one we keep turning to more than any other (and amazingly, doesn’t even have any pictures) is Sally Wise’s A year in a bottle. Ohhh, this book. This book is a dreamboat. Because from this book comes this recipe.

Tomato chilli pickle.

tomato harvestI think the name is a bit misleading, and we call it things like ‘that amazing tomato thing’ and ‘kasoundi man’ even though it is probably nothing like a kasoundi, it’s what we imagine a kasoundi would be like. The ingredients are pickle-like, but the end product is just so much more than the sum of it’s parts.

This tomato season has been a darling. Last week Daniel harvested over four kilos of cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes and mini romas. Just in the nick of time before a storm came through. Having more tomatoes than you can eat is a novelty to us and so we thought it ‘wise’ to preserve some in a delicious way. This recipe came to our attention through friends that own the same book. We tasted some at their house, were gifted a jar, and haven’t looked back since. It’s easy, but it will take half a day. This is our second batch from this season (the first batch has nearly run out, I can’t stress how good it is).

It’s a combination of tomatoes and chillis obviously, but with the tangy flavour of vinegar and mustard, more-ish garlic and ginger notes, tumeric for a warm colour and taste and cumin. So. Much. Cumin. Keep sticking your nose over the cumin. Happiness.

We serve with poached eggs, ham sandwiches, cheese boards, or stir into curries, I think it would work spooned into sour cream or yoghurt as a dip too. Or just eat it with a spoon straight from the jar. Um, what?

chilli tails  photo 1  photo 2


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